5 Female Artists To Know This Winter

To celebrate this year’s #womansmarch we picked our fresh and talented female illustrators with their inspiring artworks. How they see and depict the world through their vision. Their illustrations will bring shine and warm into your cold and wintery days.


Agnes Ricart, from Valencia with the bright and bold style. She is working with feminist, queer and fashion projects. 


Summer nostalgia


Las Bistecs


Cleoh, queer Cleopatra


Luna Monogatari’s illustrations are inspired by a passion for astronomy, science fiction and geometric shapes. 







Russian illustrator and graphic designer monscribbles, currently based in Moscow. Irina uses simple forms and pure colors and her style is a mix of minimalism and constructionism. 











Ellice Weaver is an illustrator from England. She currently lives and works in Berlin.








Visual designer & Illustrator Isabel Sousa loves vibrant visual universes, eye-popping colours and playful characters.







If you cannot choose, who you like the most, post a job on Minty and let artists create your visuals.