We’ve put together 5 services and tools, that will help you to source visual content for your new design, no matter if its a layout for magazine, UX for web, app or just a new design blog.


First things first. If you want your design really stand out, you should think about fonts first. Why?
Because the shapes letters will probably be the most functional element.

MyFonts.com is the largest selection of professional fonts for any projects. One of the key things, that makes MyFonts such a pleasure to use, is a visual font displays, that show font families in action on various designs.

Colors: Coolors.co

Often, the right pick of colour, sets your project, design or visual apart. Therefor, it is important to pick the right combinations. Coolors is a fantastic tool which allows you to find new colour combinations just with a stroke of spacebar.

Illustrations: Minty

Authenticity is probably the most important bit, when fighting for attention and a potential to be remembered. Using illustrations is fantastic help. On Minty, you will find more than 1000 vetted illustrators ready to get hired, or curated collection of authentic royalty free stock illustrations.

Photos: Stocksy United

Having proper visual imagery will most probably set your project apart and create a bond with visitor or user. Avoid cheap image-banks with weird stock photos and instead go for solid image vaults with trend – contemporary photos, just like Stocksy United.

Inspiration: Creative Boom

So, let’s say, you already have all the resources for striking visuals, from awesome type family to vivid illustrations. Now the only task, is to put it together. Last thing you need, is inspiration. Creative Boom has put together fantastic list of top 50 graphic design blogs for inspiration.

Bonus: If you are looking for latest rosters of inspirational blogs, updated every month, Feedspot is doing a good job!

Cover artwork by Fran Pulido.