Almost every single one of us has to think about what comes next. In personal lives, there are events, such as upcoming weddings, birthday parties or gala’s that you have to think in advance, in order to give a good impression.

In business, thinking about future, is even more important. No matter if it is a massive product launch scheduled for late spring, marketing campaign, or a new issue of magazine. Technically all of this happens in the future, and you are the one deciding its fate.

Therefore, thinking about trends is important. Knowing trends in visual communication is even more important, as it is something, that daily influences our surroundings, from outdoor neon signs, through visuals in print and digital. Here are key visual trends, that would dominate visual landscape, according to Minty research.

3D mixed in videos

While we still don’t have nice Ray Ban’s with implemented augmented reality processor, creatives are already playing with the idea. I bet we will see more stuff like this.





Colour Contrast Illustrations

2018 is the year, where everything needs to stand out. Therefore, the colours and contrast are crucial component of your contents. Illustrations from Kate Mockford are great example of Colour Contrast.


Not-so-flat design

Flat design has been with us for few years. Last year, we started to see evolution towards deeper effects on canvas. Welcome to not-so-flat flat design.



People having a dinner at restraunt by Fill Ryabchikov


Women standing on a balcony with futuristic neon city landscape at the background by Fill Ryabchikov


Man sitting at the table at office by Fill Ryabchikov



Isometric city landscape on the smartphone’s surface by Fill Ryabchikov




Striking Playfulness

Ultra HD resolutions widely spread in every palm or living room brought the opportunity for artists to express themselves without the limits. Fine textures, vivid geometries and mind-buzzing graphics.



Acrobats by Duajisin


She was here by Duajisin


One Sun by Duajisin



Living Fonts

From painstakingly illustrated, to WordArt-ish typography – we will be seeing all of this. And, what is more important, liking it a lot also.



Claire Cook quote by Jessie Bayliss


Rumi Quote by Jessie Bayliss


David Bowie Quote by Jessie Bayliss



The Flat Deconstruction

After long reign of flat illustrations, our eyes got sort of, you know, bored with this beautiful style. Therefore other, more playful and abstract approaches to visualising various themes are coming to the spotlight.



Wine Drinking with friends by Summerkid


Girls wearing cats on their heads and drinking tea or to have something to hide by Summerkid


Couple on a beach waiting for the sunrise with a seaside view by Summerkid




The return to classic caricature, with an editorial twist. Its 2018, the recession is long behind us and times have changed. We want to have some fun.



A fun dragon seated baking a marshmallow with his own flame by mUriLO!


A squirrel taking a bath inside a coffee mug to stay awake by mUriLO!


A strong and muscled man trying to open a pickles pot by mUriLO!