… is a headline of a short story, our next hosting illustrator worked on lately. Meet Eugen, illustrator based in Prague, Czech republic.


Eugen, tell us more about the project.

Eugen: “I was really proud to collaborate on a short story written by my friend Jaroslav Horváth. The story is about one of the biggest and most famous creatives (actor, writer, singer…) in Slovak history. His name is Július Satinský. On the illustration I created for the story, I tried to symbolically express a lot of features corresponding to his life milestones and his work.”

*Sadly this big man is no longer with us (note by the writer)

“I am really interested in the world of editorial images, that is why I was really happy to work on such an interesting project.”

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How do you see freedom in your profession? Do you feel free?
We love that Eugen answered us with a poem… 


“The feeling of freedom. 

That is all man can feel when quitting a job.

The feeling of anxiety.

That is all man starts feeling the day after.

Freedom will suddenly turn into a set of rules,

tasks and duties that lead to survival.”


Eugen: “After a half a year of trying to start a freelance career as an illustrator, I have decided to create a set of illustrated prints that are expressing my view of the “famous freedom” that comes with it.

I have created six scenes showing kind of “commandments” which I have to follow every day.

This funny way I am questioning the true meaning of a word “freedom” in this state of my profession.

First I created all images digitally. Then I have produced a set of risograph prints, that were exhibited at the LUSTR Festival 2019 exhibition in Prague.”

All of the images are now exclusively on Minty available to download. Just tap the image you like.