Dive into the colourful contrast of cute and perky illustrations with a little bit of opposite content. Michaela Mihalyi is Slovak animator and illustrator based in Prague. She’s been drawing ever since she can remember, but her journey to illustration was zigzag. She started as interior designer, architect, fashion designer, painter… Finally at the end she fall in love with animation, where she found a perfect symbiosis of everything she liked. In her free time, she likes to sew and moving furniture. She drinks coffee with beer and prefers carrot-ginger soup. 



In hand in hand with animation goes illustration. When animating, Michaela likes the complexity and all parts of story, how she can narrate it. It’s a complicated process, where one single mistake can ruin it all. For a couple of years she collaborates with Dávid Štumpf on her projects. She likes to explore sexuality and relationships in different forms, always with a pinch of humour. Michaela likes to play with styles, trying to create something new, working with paper and fabrics.



One of her animation FOOD was made entirely from paper and tells a story of two lovers. The humorous idea of picturing the characters naked came to the to her mind while she was enjoying a cup of espresso; she felt curious about what it would be like to take a naked dip inside the drink.




As for her future plans, she would like to finally graduate after eight years of studying. Together with Dávid, they are working on their short animated movie The End. See the teaser for movie below.




To see more of her illustrations and works, see Michaela’s Minty profile or say hi and start your collaboration.