Solving Christmas visuals on last minute could be stressful. Since there is still some time to get the Xmass Job done properly, we have prepared some inspiration for you.

We picked three interesting and unusual styles for holidays, all made by illustrators from Minty. To make it easier for you, we have picked also some ready-made art for you. So if there is no time for hiring artists, just buy the artwork directly from our Stock.

I. Grinch Mode!

Who said Christmas should look always like we expect? Smiling Santa’s, snowy trees and little cute icons of snowflakes everywhere.
If you think this is boring, we have an idea for you. Try insanely genius artworks by Jonny Rawlin. Grinch Time!

II. The Quality Time

For better or worse, Winter Holidays are about the time we spend together with family and friends. So, in fact, it is not about the Santa. This year you can forget about that funny guy in red boots. Christmas are composed from cute little moments, which will later shine in our memories, such as buying a tree, or going to mountains. Check out artworks by Simona Cechova or Wildflower.

III. Toy Story

Besides family and friends, Christmas could also be about giving. No matter if it is about gifts, atmosphere or love, giving is where the magic is hidden. However, in visualisation we often get caught in pitfalls of modern consumerism; we tend to show the packaging only. Instead of falling for icons of boxes under the tree, go for the contents. Show most crazy objects. Vivid interiors and toys living in their world. Don’t be afraid to be a little mystical,(for instance, just like our illustrator, Ktaiwanita). It brings the magic back in new, refreshing twist.