How is the abstract transformed into concrete?

Concept. An abstract or generic idea generalised from particular instances. Numerous definitions could be deduced from the word “concept” but this particular one renders the best explanation for work of conceptual illustrators and their primary intentions.

In a conceptual illustration, being a skilled artist goes in a hand with bearing an ability to project a social, political, cultural issue or own perception of the world in independently creative and novel way. Many times, conceptual illustrations accompany the body of text. They try to expand the message and deepen the reader’s understanding. In this case, a conceptual illustration is undeniably an expression of illustrator’s ability to read between the lines. Simultaneously, the illustration thoroughly interrogates a problem through the artist’s lens.


The debt by Magoz


Magoz uses metaphorical language to convey the bitter reality of underlying issues. Robust and faceless figures, as protagonists of vibrant illustrations, are played with to create simplistic and easy-to-understand text visualisations.


War is closer than you think


Marco Melgrati’s ideological focus is similar to Magoz however, his artistic style slightly diverts from minimalism. He does not depict shadows and highlights as separate framed areas but uses a gradient to make the objects appear more realistic. Finally, the image is sprinkled with grain to resemble paper texture.


It happened but i’ll fix it


A meticulously chosen colour palette of Ferenc’s illustrations unify the objects within an image. His illustrations are not solely a reaction to world issues but rather own perception of everyday encounters with his surroundings.

Check your mind

Rough, chalky and monochromatic illustrations of Brown Bear Illustration put the overall image into a more serious light. Additionally, clear white background allows the objects to stand out and emphasises their role in the transferred message.

A concept is undoubtedly the central focus point of conceptual illustrators. Whether it is a concept instructed by news editor or it is of their own theme, conceptual illustrators’ merit springs from an aptitude to combine characteristics into a single image.