How to achieve great artwork when commissioning an illustrator

Know what you want

Whether commissioning an artwork for publishing, children book or advertising there is one thing you should keep in mind. It’s not just a picture. Illustration is a communication tool to help your readers understand what the message is. Image tells stories. Do you know what message do you want to tell? Do you know what impression you want to make? Be careful, there are so many connotations one image can outline. It’s always better to show the artwork to more people before publishing it to examine if there isn’t anything you didn’t want it to be in. It sometimes happen by accident, though.


Write the brief down

I mean physically. I recommend this to every each of my client. It may take a couple of minutes, but writing down the brief helps you to realise and verbalise what message you want to communicate and helps to avoid misinterpretation or misunderstanding. You can also point out the right meaning and clear any other concerns like not showing stereotypes or so. At the end, it will surely save you twice as much time. Not sure where to start? No problem, at Minty we came up with professional tool to brief artist. You just follow set of questions and answer them. Here is how it works, just click any “hire me” button in artists showcases to start your collaboration.



Pick the right artist

There is so many artists, it might be sometimes hard even think of picking just one of them. Simple step to do the selection is look up to their folios and ask yourself three questions:

Can I imagine how my artwork will look like?

Am I sure what am I ordering?

Do I love it?

If the folio answers your questions three times yes, congratulation! You found your artist. Well, sometimes not being hundred percent certain what you are ordering is not bad… the artwork may actually impress you.



Give it a chance

Every professional artist should provide you with drafts. By doing that, he or she gives you the control over the whole process. Roughs are quicker than final artwork, so you can sooner detect any wrong meanings and change the path still while the artwork is not finished. When seeing the drafts for the first time, don’t panic if the result is not something you were expecting. Every illustrator does drafts different way, some of them prefer start working digitally from scratch, some prefer to sketch with pencil, but there is one thing in common:






finished. And you are the one holding reins.


Bea Crespo’s sketch about creative collaborations happening over the globe through the internet based tool Minty.


Treat artist with respect

As in any other job, results are better if person have some space to feel free and enough time to work. You should also consider all the time you will need to spend reviewing the drafts. Last but not least, artists are humans, too.. give them free weekends a chance to sleep ^_^ and rest – alpha level is the biggest creative tool ever, as you know.

Every image is new adventure, good luck commissioning!


Let’s hire artist for your project now

Here is how artist commissioning work on our platform Minty. Feel free to approach any of our artists with your project. 🙂