How to create cuteness on demand

Recently, we have asked our Bucharest based illustrator Andra Badea to create illustrations for our new home page. We wanted to picture the process of collaboration on Minty, from browsing artists until satisfaction on both sides, as for customer to have custom made illustration, and illustrators, that do not have to handle all paperworks.


Andra has a unique style, full of cute characters and can picture idea and process within one illustration. Hand made artworks are digitally scanned and then modified in post-production process. The brief was to create 3 pictures, presenting Minty – 1.Discover and contact, 2. Discuss and hire and 3.Get an unlimited licence and pay.


First sketcher


She has come up with an idea to create a little green Owl- a character that would connect Minty and OWL agency together. Overall, we loved the idea and her depiction of the process, just wanted to change it slightly, so within few days, we were able to brief, comment and get a final artworks to our satisfaction.


Second draft after our comments



How do you like final artworks? This time, we went with more “cute” approach, to show that collaboration on Minty is that easy, that even a child can handle it.


Get an unlimited license & pay
Discuss & hire
Discover & contact