Let’s make the world a better place

Seriously, isn’t it what we are all looking for and trying to do? Just to improve this world, with our work, our actions, all decisions that we do are connected to this simply, yet strong idea? This is what Slovak Startup Awards are all about. And much more. 


Petra Kemkova, Founder and CPO of Minty presenting to Startup Awards jury


Last Friday, 1st of December seventh annual Startup Awards were held in Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava. This year they were accompanied by the Future Now Conference, a conference on future of tech in today’s business. Topics covered issues as mobility and transportation, internet and government. All eyes were on flying car Aeromobil 4.0 that was for the first time shown to the public.


Aeromobil 4.0


But the real cherry on the top were evening’s awards, where eight promising startups competed for the precious Startup Award for the best idea of the year 2017. You guess it right, we were there! Not only present, but competing as one of the finalists! Petra Kemkova, our co-founder and CPO presented Minty in front of thousand attendees and the whole nation in TV. As media said, Minty is an easy platform for professional illustrators and designers, who can present their work, sell ready made artworks, invite other artists and collaborate with clients.



At the end, only one can win. This time, judges appreciated Saftra Photonics, a tool to quickly check whether water is clear. Congratulation to the winners and let’s meet on the next year’s awards, we are already eager to see, what year 2018 brings us.