Scissors, paper and glue

A sketchbook, a computer, and a tactile design toolkit are the top priorities during the day which goes something like this: coffee, e-mails, internet, mate (an Argentinean infusion), brainstorming, sketching, Skype, design…and if everything goes good some Beer of course! Vasty’s work is wide-range covering abstract, figurative and concrete art. However, the use of paper outbalances any other medium. Then, also the way Vasty plays with paper is different.


Set design look-a-like concepts commissioned by Aggressive for an Alcatel Idol4 pitch




Firstly, paper is used to show 2D images. The gradual transformation of single object portrayed in separate stages in one image is shown. Layer on layer, paper on paper. Only silhouettes used. Featureless, but distinct enough to identify a person or a thing.


Papercraft 9-grid image for the launching of Kinder France official Instagram account


Secondly, Vasty uses paper to form 3D objects, positioned and photographed in certain composition. The paper craft is so often used since Vasty finds “the process from pencil sketching, digitalising and then the crafter part of cutting, glueing and finally photographing very beautiful”. Also, the imperfect and real texture of paper outbalances other mediums. Tangible 3D seems undoubtedly magical to Vasty.


Set design look-a-like concepts commissioned by Aggressive for an Alcatel Idol4 pitch



Lastly, Vasty produces digital pictures that also dominate with large silhouette-like areas. The abundance of details is diminished which accentuates the perfection of elementary shape. The work of Vasty is easily distinguishable despite the variations due to the coherent style.


The women’s faces, paper craft image


Vasty, what was your most favourite and least favourite project so far. 
Thats a good question! Honestly, I’m constantly looking for “the favourite project” and that keeps me motivated, but if I have to choose a project I really enjoyed it would be the “Colorful Paper Craft Alphabet” for ‘36 Days of Type”, it would be a good option, since it required a combination of traditional graphic design, typography, set design, paper craft and a lot of experimentation. And also it was probably the first “serious” project with paper craft technique, getting closer to the identity Vasty has now and the path I want to pursue, so it’s very special to me.

About the least favourite project, well…those I forget very quickly! I don’t remember one in particular but for sure it has to be one where the creative freedom was very little and with no time to experiment and create something original.


Visuals for Maxi Trusso’s live shows


Since inspiration is a basic propellant of artistic work, who or what is your biggest inspiration (when not talking about art styles or artists)?

I think results are way more interesting if the inspiration comes from different worlds other than the most renowned artistic styles/artists, tho I always try to be informed of what’s going on, I also seek inspiration from other areas.

Music will always be an endless source of inspiration, for any artist, and for me in particular after this last two years in which I travelled a lot, that also worked as inspiration for projects like The Ladies Faces or City Poster Series, and others that are not published yet.

I think inspiration also comes mostly from the absorption of experiences that are outside of what you’re used to which inevitably generates an inquietude that in a best case scenario will be translated into a work of art or commissioned projects.


Sydney city poster using the 3 letter IATA airport code for composition



If you want design by Vasty, contact him directly via Minty and create visuals that matter.