A sketchbook, a computer, and a tactile design toolkit are the top priorities during the day which goes something like this: coffee, e-mails, internet, mate (an Argentinean infusion), brainstorming, sketching, Skype, design…and if everything goes good some Beer of course! Vasty’s work is wide-range covering abstract, figurative and concrete art. However, the use of paper outbalances any other medium. Then, also the way Vasty plays with paper is different.

First, paper is used to show 2D images. The gradual transformation of single object portrayed in separate stages in one image is shown. Layer on layer, paper on paper. Only silhouettes used. Featureless, but distinct enough to identify a person or a thing.

Vasty uses paper to form 3D objects, positioned and photographed in certain composition. The paper craft is so often used since Vasty finds “the process from pencil sketching, digitalising and then the crafter part of cutting, glueing and finally photographing very beautiful”. Also, the imperfect and real texture of paper outbalances other mediums. Tangible 3D seems undoubtedly magical to Vasty.

Last, Vasty produces digital pictures that also dominate with large silhouette-like areas. The abundance of details is diminished which accentuates the perfection of elementary shape. The work of Vasty is easily distinguishable despite the variations due to the coherent style.