It’s alive! Or at least looks like it. Meet Ryogo, 3D artist and illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan who creates cities packed with creatures and objects in his own world. Creation of 3D illustration is a complex and complicated process, where he focuses to control the contrast of density and space

Since 2014, Ryogo has been working for major global clients, who were ravished by his colourful and characteristic design. The list of his previous clients include Adobe, Youtube, Walt Disney, Fuji Film, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and others. One of his favourite works that he worked on is TV commercial for Giro d’Italia 2015, where he tells story of the race with his own characters.

Ryogo finds inspiration in Lego and Nintendo game that he used to play in his childhood. Apart of that, his work is influenced by the internet, architecture, fashion, games, almost everything around him. As for his hobbies and free time, now he prefers to focus on his family and newborn daughter. If you would like to collaborate with Ryogo and let him create your visuals, contact him directly on Minty and create stunning visuals.