Emotions. They can brake your day or make your day. Right? Today, we’d like to show you the power of the simple little detail on Fran’s artwork that can make a huge difference in picking the artist for your next project.

So Fran, how did you end up being an illustrator? 

Really simple: I have never stopped drawing. A University teacher told me one day that “​Whoever knows how to use a pencil, will never go hungry”. I studied graphic design at Cádiz (Spain) and later I got a Fine Art Degree at Granada (Spain). I have worked for very very little companies, friends or whoever but, step by step I was changing my design way, added the illustration how key element of my designs instead to use the illustration like a simple tool. This change was key because the new clients came to me for my style, no for cheaper o faster but the power of the illustration. But this is a long hard way.

“It’s quite rare to see such sudden sadness in someone’s work these days.” 

We’ve noticed a lot of deep emotions in your drawings, what’s the process behind?  

My steps are:

  1. A lot of mini-sketches.
  2. Developing the most interesting ideas in a upper wide. (on paper)
  3. Move one of them to digital by Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq
  4. Magic Powder…
  5. Send to the client
  6. Repeat. 🙂

Ideal client?

Any respectful client is a good client, but I would like to work with Movie industry.

“Anyone who ever quit smoking will understand the deep emotion in the image.”

What have you learned on the beginning of your career?

Sometimes it’s necessary to know what you don’t want, to make goods decisions later.

What makes you a good illustrator?

Oh my… I am learning every day from everybody. I try to be prompt, faster, don’t lower the quality in any project, keep learning and enjoy my job. Nobody chooses this job for money, just a few people in the world are rich by drawing, but it makes me feel very happy, so the day I won’t feel that anymore, I will leave it.

What’s the advice you’d like to pass on the others?

Respect your own work and yourself and keep moving.

Work with Fran on your next project
“Our interpretations are mirrors of our feelings.”