The princess of delicacy – Adriana Doi

Light colours. Pink hues. Feminine subtlety. Adriana Doi inevitably knows how to mix colours to create a perfect harmony reflecting normal people in normal clothes doing their mundane activities. However, in Doi’s illustrations, the dull becomes interesting, and the usual becomes special. 


Las Vegas wedding


The delicacy of her style is exceptional. Softness is underpinned by the women protagonists unveiling their most private moments: talking to a girlfriend, dancing humorously alone, sitting in her the cozy bedroom. Her illustrations are touched with satire that does not ridicule women habits but shows Doi’s sincere self-reflection.


The tourist


She has been engulfed in art since high school where she completely dedicated herself to art. Since Doi is an explorer and endless beginner, she tries different techniques and experiments with new styles. Although born in Bucharest (Romania), she moved to London to pursue a career of a professional illustrator.


Adriana Doi