Visually joyful illustrator and designer Fernando creates refreshing art pleasant to one’s eye. London based artist is passionate about illustrating daily life with intricate compositions, minimalist pieces with clear-cut-shapes combined with bold colours. Together it all creates a harmonic canvas, like a puzzle or lego.


Fernando’s style is essentially geometric. His compositions are intricate, full of details. He do like though to work on minimalist pieces with clear-cut shapes and he likes to create a harmonic canvas. He graduated in Communication, Publicity and Advertising in Brazil and he always worked with art direction and graphic design in agencies while living in Brazil. Also he was working with branding and packaging design when he discovered his passion for geometric shapes and started illustration as a hobby and eventually he developed his own style.

As for his client’s experience, Fernando like challenging assignments and already had worked with some nice clients on different briefs. For The Oscars, he prepared a poster for the documentary nominees, he worked with Google on advertising materials, also with companies like Ford, Hyundai, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Wired magazine etc. As for his dream project, Fernando would like to be working on a music video for an artist.

Fernando’s inspiration comes from the observation of daily life. He can easily find inspiration in everything, a film, long walks in the streets, arts or people. Especially he loves observing people and places that he translates into an illustration. The biggest obstacle is to pass the right message, you need to be really artistic at the same time and the art needs to have it’s function. Illustration is a part of design. It catches someone’s attention, but you need to express what you are trying to say with it.

And what’s like Fernando in his life? He loves exercising, especially he practices bodyweight trainings, like calisthenics and going for a run early in the morning to get the day started well. Also, he loves cinema, once a week you’ll find him with a big bag of popcorn seated in a screening room. He likes to go on his own, it’s like a ritual for him. Fernando believes in a world of beauty with a message and the illustrations is a way to exercise your own art and ides. To catch someone’s eye and send them a message.


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