We’ve spotted her artworks a while ago, and immediately got mesmerised by her charming style. We spoke to Slovak author, Zuzana Bartova, better known as Wildflower.

Hi Zuzana! So what were you up to lately?

My last favourite project was the children’s book; Mica – Adventures of cats from Liptovský Hrádek from Johny Salonka. I did it in cooperation with the publishing house ZumZum. The book is written in the form of short stories which had really happened. I am very excited about this, because along the illustrations I also did whole book design, apart from the  font, which was made by Slovak typographer, Ondatra Jób. Now the book in the press and I just can’t wait to hold it in my hands this November. Also, it has received tremendous feedback from people around me, so, I am filled with excitement.

Nice. Many authors have some rituals when working, such as listening to music. Is that something you do? 

When I need to concentrate more on my work, I listen more to calm music, for example, I’ve been enjoying Portishead for a long time. But sometimes I do not need to think too much when drawing, so I play music, according to the mood. There’s a lot I like to listen to, like Joy Division, Pink Floyd, David Bovie, Pulp, Mazzy Star.

Interesting. Apparently you mood transfers to great style. What techniques do you use?

I like playfulness, originality an simplicity. I always try to put these three qualities in my illustrations as well. I draw simple shapes. For example, I really enjoy when I have limited number of colours, usually up to four. I try to ponder with them somehow, but only gently. I want the result to be simple, and yet interesting.

In regards to process, I always prepare a sketch first, and then I continue to illustrate in Illustrator and Photoshop. At the end, I add a fine texture to the illustration.

Sometimes I have to adapt to the client’s requirements for the projects, so the content and message changes often. I never try to hide it, it’s always nice to change a little according to the project. By other techniques, the result can be visually nice.

What about pricing. Is that something you pay attention to?

Yes, sure. The pricing strategy is a thing, I think about very often. It is very difficult to determine your fee, especially for larger projects. In the beginning, I look up the costs – I count the hours spent at work to determine the final price, which I suggest to client.

Thanks for quick chat. In your last words, tell us what do you think about Minty. 

I like how it is connecting artists from all around the world and how platform helps to find a jobs for us. Its good, when you can collaborate with designers, publishers or ad agencies from all over the world. Picture Desk is also really good source to find inspiration.

Oh, thanks for the warm words! It was pleasure to talk to you.

Got interesting project? Send your brief to Wildflower here.