These illustrations turn vegans into meat lovers

When talking about food in this time, it is more important to see it than to taste it. Just look at all social media platforms. Packed with stunning images of unique extraordinary dishes, delicious sweets, trendy experiments and ordinary everyday meals. Before you eat it, you have to post it.


Avocado multi by Amelia Victoria


So why illustrate rather than to take a photography in case of food? When we can take a photo of realistic, true colour meals with all details captured on picture. Why should someone bother to try draw it? Because an artist can breath a life into an illustration, which makes it more artistic. And that is what the art is all about. To give a viewer a feeling that they cannot take from a photography.


Marmite jar character by Drew Bristow


From illustrators point of view, they transform simple items into their vision. Giving them artistic features, embodying original ideas to fully show their creative soul. Illustrating of a food is a process similar to cooking. Illustrators go to a market, see and explore food in its original state by which they are inspired to create something exciting and yummy.


Chicken beach by Karen Warner


The final artwork is like a celebration of the food. Mostly illustrators use bright, fresh colours that are carefully chosen. It might look cute to have a purple cupcake, but to be honest, no one wants to see a green steak. You can see nice play with lights and shadows, food’s texture and composition. The job of a creative freelancer is to make it good looking.


Minty Cupcake

Collaboration between the artist and the client is a process from draft to first proposals until the final artwork. As a process itself, the illustration also changes, develops and is innovated. Illustrators draw them again and again, playing with them, because a good food illustration does not have to look too realistic. Food illustrations has to be appealing.


Illustration by Simona Cechova