We entered the age of Women and it’s not an accident. More than ever we see strong female writers, poets, directors, or artists. We would like to take you with us to discover three exceptional female illustrators, you should consider for your next project. 


A member of Women Who Draw – An open directory of female professional illustrators, Carina, usually uses contemporary narratives to capture the essence of the moment, emotion or the concept. Using strokes, dots and patterns to create her own world with stories of unicorns, wild animals, urban fairytales and creative fashion statements, that’s the imaginative world of Carina’s illustrations. Born in Vienna, Carina works as a freelance artist and illustrator in Linz.

Photo: Jürgen Grünwald


Polly see’s the world a little differently to most people. She enjoys to draw people embarking on all kinds of ridiculous activities, based on real life but mostly from her imagination. Her creations start on the page, it’s inky line drawings which are then taken on screen and brought to life using digital watercolour techniques. If you are looking for some nudes, talking to Polly, London based artist is certainly a way to go!


Swiss illustrator, currently based in Weimar (Germany) likes to work with her drawing pad and bottle of Club Mate. She recreates digital colourful images with the effort to visualise the essence of the idea, create a decent mood or just have fun with a new palette.